Check out photos from our public guided walks, our stalls at events, and a few of the various reptiles and amphibians we’ve met along the way!

Herpetofauna of Singapore

Singapore is home to a truly stunning variety of reptiles and amphibians. When people encounter these animals, they often tend to react with fear or disgust. But one only needs to look closely at these creatures to realise how truly beautiful they are! In addition to that, they are important components of fragile ecosystems. Check out some of these photos taken by HSS Volunteers!

Herp Walks

We’ve conducted dozens of public guided walks around the nature reserves and mangroves of Singapore. These walks are free for the public to join, and are family-friendly too! So come join us on a Herp Walk! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with our handle @herpsocsg to find out when we hold these walks!

Booths, Talks and Presentations

Setting up talks and booths at festivals help us reach more people, and talk to the public about the reptiles and amphibians around Singapore! Catch us every year at the Festival of Biodiversity! We always have plenty of cool specimens and informative posters. We also have beautiful t-shirts and stickers for sale! We have collaborated with several groups to introduce people to these misunderstood animals through talks. So do reach out!


At the crux of it, the HSS is all about community. Where’s the fun in learning about herps if you don’t have an amazing group of friends to do it with? We are comprised of several (extremely passionate) volunteers, who absolutely love sharing these amazing animals with the rest of Singapore.

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