Meet the Team!

Executive Committee

Sankar Ananthanarayanan
Rachel Seah
Shivaram Rasu
Kannan Raja
Benjamin Chew
Law Ingg Thong

With many of its co-founders busy with tackling various nature issues in their own way, the Executive Committee was formed as a way to consolidate the society’s efforts and convey a message of our long term commitment toward Singapore’s nature.

We take a holistic approach in leading the society by putting emphasis on the wellbeing, development and empowerment of our members while steadily increasing our efforts in outreach, scientific contributions and conservation work.

While still a young society filled with youthful faces, we believe that HSS has the potential and drive to benefit Singapore’s natural beauty in bigger and better ways in the years to come!

Co-founders of the HSS

From left: Sankar A., Law Ing Sind, David Groenewoud, Noel Thomas, Law Ingg Thong, Serin Subaraj

The six co-founders of HSS first met in 2014. Despite coming from differing backgrounds, they bonded over their love for the region’s reptiles and amphibians. This eventually culminated in the founding of HSS in 2015.

The society has since grown to include dozens of passionate herpers eager to make a difference in the field of Herpetology. Although a few of the co-founders are currently based overseas, Singapore is still very much their home. They are proud of what the HSS has become and are excited for what the future holds!

Left: Four-ridged Toad (Ingerophrynus quadriporcatus)
by Law Ingg Thong

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