Asian Toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) by Law Ing Sind

Open access websites, journals, and publications for all your herpetology needs. And if you have recommendations to add to this list, drop us an email!

Amphibia-Reptilia – An European multi-disciplinary herpetological journal
Amphibian and Reptile Conservation – A journal dedicated to herptile conservation
Amphibian Species of the World – A catalogue of all known amphibian species
AmphibiaWeb – A knowledge-base for all amphibians in the world
EcologyAsia – A site covering the vertebrate fauna of Southeast Asia
Herpetological Conservation and Biology – An international journal covering the ecology, natural history, management, and conservation biology of herpetofauna.
Our Wild Neighbours – A local initiative promoting coexistence with wildlife
Singapore’s herpetofauna – An updated and annotated checklist, history, conservation, and distribution of native reptiles & amphibians
The Reptile Database – A catalogue of all living reptile species & their classification

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