Help! Herp in the House!

What should you do if there is a snake in your house? Or a monitor lizard? The key thing to remember is that they do not mean humans any harm. Like any other animal, they only attack when they have no other choice. Here are some steps you can take if you find a herp in or around your house!

STEP 1: Don’t panic!
As mentioned above, snakes mean us no harm and would rather run away than attack humans. Most snakes in Singapore are harmless if left alone. The same goes for any other herp. When left alone, they pose little threat to humans. Keeping a cool head is very important!

STEP 2: Keep pets and small children away
Although herps do not mean us any harm, they will defend themselves if necessary. If you have any pets or small children in the house, keep them away. At the same time, give yourself a safe distance from the herp.

STEP 3: Call Wildlife Rescue
Herps are not pests! They are native wildlife that are still adjusting to a rapidly urbanizing country. These animals play an important role in maintaining the health of the local ecosystems. Instead of calling a pest control company, call ACRES!
ACRES-logo-VerticalSince 2001, ACRES has been actively looking out for Animal Welfare in Singapore!

They rescue any wild animals in need of help in Singapore. If they are native, these animals are subsequently released back into the wild! If the animal is in need of veterinary treatment, ACRES is able to provide treatment as well.

ACRES does humane animal rescue 24/7, 365 days of the year! They do not charge any fee to remove these animals from your home.

You can contact ACRES 24/7 at their hotline: 9783 7782. They will provide advice and assistance in such situations.

You can visit the ACRES website at to see what else they do! Although they do not charge for Wildlife Rescue, donations are always appreciated and help them to expand their operations and keep doing the great work that they do!

You can also reach out to the NParks Wildlife Management Hotline at 1800-476-1600

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