Sankar, A., Law, I.T., Law, I.S., Shivaram, R., Abraham, R.K., Chan, K.O., 2022. Morphology, phylogeny, and species delimitation of Micryletta (Anura: Microhylidae) reveals a new species from Singapore. Vertebrate Zoology.

Chan, K. O., Law, I.S., Law, I.T., Sankar, A., Shivaram, R., Aowphol, A., Rujirawan, A., Anuar, S., Mulcahy, D., Grismer, J. L., & Grismer, L. L., 2022. Phylogeography of mangrove pit vipers (Viperidae, Trimeresurus erythrurus-purpureomaculatus complex). Zoologica Scripta.

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Zoology Graduate. Full-Time Teaching Assistant. HerpSocSG's Scientific Officer. Freelance Photographer. Passionate Culinarian. Avid Bibliophile. Dinosaur Aficionado. Armed with an iPhone 12S and/or Canon 60D. Bearded.

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