Herptile Roadkill Project

As we know, Singapore is a highly urbanized country! We have over 9500 kilometres of paved roads and just under a million motorised vehicles!

Sadly, this comes at a high price for local wildlife. Although roadkill is regularly encountered all over Singapore, we do not know what herps are most heavily impacted and where they are most vulnerable.

These interactive maps allow you to explore herp roadkill records submitted to us. Click on each marker to see an image of the roadkill, if it is available, along with more information on the record.

How you can help!

You can make a difference! Help the HSS collect data on reptile and amphibian roadkill in Singapore!

The data we collect on herp roadkill will be continuously updated and made available here.

And, we are not limiting this to just roadkill. We want all data involving wildlife-vehicular collisions (WVCs); bike trails, hiking paths, pavements, park connectors, etc.

Thus, if you see herp victims of WVCs in Singapore, just snap a photo, and share it with us (along with details on where it was found) via this simple form.

However, if you do come across WVC cases where the animal is alive, you can still submit the data to us too. But, we will urge you to first contact ACRES Wildlife Rescue (9783 7782) or NParks Animal Response Centre (1800 476 1600) so that the animal in distress can be helped.

Thank you for doing your part in this project, citizen scientists!

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