Open access websites, journals, and publications for all your herpetology needs. And if you have recommendations to add to this list, drop us an email! Amphibia-Reptilia – An European multi-disciplinary herpetological journalAmphibian and Reptile Conservation – A journal dedicated to herptile conservationAmphibian Species of the World – A catalogue of all known amphibian speciesAmphibiaWeb –Continue reading “Resources”


Sankar, A., Law, I.T., Law, I.S., Shivaram, R., Abraham, R.K., Chan, K.O., 2022. Morphology, phylogeny, and species delimitation of Micryletta (Anura: Microhylidae) reveals a new species from Singapore. Vertebrate Zoology. Chan, K. O., Law, I.S., Law, I.T., Sankar, A., Shivaram, R., Aowphol, A., Rujirawan, A., Anuar, S., Mulcahy, D., Grismer, J. L., & Grismer, L. L., 2022. Phylogeography of mangrove pit vipers (Viperidae, Trimeresurus erythrurus-purpureomaculatus complex). ZoologicaContinue reading “Publications”

World Sea Turtle Day 2021

We’ve written on sea turtles a couple of times before this. If you haven’t already, check the posts out here and here. June 16th is World Sea Turtle Day! Join us in celebrating these fascinating and threatened creatures. Sea turtles have a tough life – to the point of briefly becoming internet memes in 2020.Continue reading “World Sea Turtle Day 2021”