Open access websites, journals, and publications for all your herpetology needs. And if you have recommendations to add to this list, drop us an email! Amphibia-Reptilia – An European multi-disciplinary herpetological journalAmphibian and Reptile Conservation – A journal dedicated to herptile conservationAmphibian Species of the World – A catalogue of all known amphibian speciesAmphibiaWeb –Continue reading “Resources”


Sankar, A., Law, I.T., Law, I.S., Shivaram, R., Abraham, R.K., Chan, K.O., 2022. Morphology, phylogeny, and species delimitation of Micryletta (Anura: Microhylidae) reveals a new species from Singapore. Vertebrate Zoology. Chan, K. O., Law, I.S., Law, I.T., Sankar, A., Shivaram, R., Aowphol, A., Rujirawan, A., Anuar, S., Mulcahy, D., Grismer, J. L., & Grismer, L. L., 2022. Phylogeography of mangrove pit vipers (Viperidae, Trimeresurus erythrurus-purpureomaculatus complex). ZoologicaContinue reading “Publications”

HSSSlither 2022

With the lifting of certain restrictions and relaxation of others, the HSS decided to organise a physical event for its members, the HSS Slither. Modelled after the style of frog and bird races, the HSSSlither comprised several teams that went herping over 24 hours. Since it was the event’s first run, we decided to keepContinue reading “HSSSlither 2022”

Project Runover

Earlier this year, HSS started a citizen science-based roadkill project, where we encouraged members of the public to submit sightings of roadkill involving herpetofauna. Over the last year, our database has grown to over 200 records, with 167 of them from 2021 alone! Project Runover differs from many other roadkill projects by focusing on moreContinue reading “Project Runover”

Here be Dragons

14th August is World Lizard Day! This year we are going to be featuring dragons. Dragons are found in one form or another in nearly every culture in the world. And every dragon has its style; fire-breathers, gold-hoarders, princess-stealers, and more. But these dragons are of lore. We are going to meet some real-life dragonsContinue reading “Here be Dragons”