HSS at the Festival of Biodiversity!

We are currently doing a booth at Vivocity Central Court for the Festival of Biodiversity. We will be here from 10AM-10PM on 27th and 28th June!

We had a few technical issues, but we finally got the TV working! We have a slideshow running with some of Singapore’s interesting herps! We also have some awesome posters, telling people about Singapore’s herp diversity.As5Dn0RiJkHl55JsMx32L-qavxtaoSDqNGQ81fJbDPjy

Some of our members are doing active outreach! The public, especially the kids, is very interested to learn about these amazing creatures. And we are very happy to share! This is the first public debut of the HSS and we’re genuinely very excited for this event!


Here, Serin is talking to some very interested kids about the Estuarine Crocodile and its powerful jaws! The HSS would like to whole-heartedly thank the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum for lending us some herp specimens to aid our outreach! We would also like to thank NParks for facilitating the entire event and being so helpful every step of the way.

So, come down to Vivocity and check out what the HSS, as well as many other Singaporean Green Groups have in store!

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