Ask HSS #1

We realise that Herpetology doesn’t come up too often in day-to-day life. So, we put up a series of Instagram Stories on @herpsocsg asking if you guys had any burning questions on Herps and Herping in Singapore. Many of you have quipped in with awesome questions, and they shall be answered below! On Herps inContinue reading “Ask HSS #1”

Herping Ubin

Today was the HSS’ first Herp Walk held on Pulau Ubin! Previously, night walks had been held in collaboration with the Vertebrate Study Group (VSG) branch of the Nature Society as part of Pesta Ubin 2016, and HSS members also helped survey for herptiles during BioBlitz Ubin in December last year. Given the rich herpetofauna that we observedContinue reading “Herping Ubin”

Of Vipers and Vivipary

Having had to cut short the previous walk in August due to rain, we were delighted to have clear weather for our latest walk in September, once again at the MacRitchie Treetop Walk! We also welcomed two members of the Little Green Men, Sarah and Frances, to join us on our walk; if you’re interested in makingContinue reading “Of Vipers and Vivipary”

Ubin Day (4th June 2016): Booth

This Ubin Day, come visit our booth on Pulau Ubin. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect, learning about herps (aka reptiles) from our guides and volunteers. There will also be colouring activities for children!   Mark your calendars and join us on that day! There will also be other booths and events toContinue reading “Ubin Day (4th June 2016): Booth”

HSS at Temasek Polytechnic!

The Temasek Polytechnic Green Interest Group (TPGIG)  invited the HSS down to give a talk at Bonita Tierra (Spanish for “Beautiful Earth”)! Despite the fact that it was raining on a Friday evening, there was a good turnout. It was very heartening to see so many people who cared about the environment. After a brief introduction, SankarContinue reading “HSS at Temasek Polytechnic!”

Beware of Snakes? Be Aware of Snakes!

What a walk! For the first Herp Walk of 2016, the HSS ventured into Treetop Walk, along with a group of enthusiastic participants who were keen to see the herps that they shared Singapore with. Participants were first wowed by a couple of Black-bearded Gliding Lizards (Draco melanopogon) perched on a tree. The guides explained howContinue reading “Beware of Snakes? Be Aware of Snakes!”

Dairy Farm Nature Park is Alive!

For our fourth walk we decided to venture out of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve so we went to Dairy Farm Nature Park, nestled aside Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. With Serin at the helm as our lead guide we led the group into the nature park. As we headed into Wallace Trail, Serin spotted a Colugo (GaleopterusContinue reading “Dairy Farm Nature Park is Alive!”

Third time’s the charm: Lizards, Colugos and Birds galore @ Lower Peirce

It was back to Lower Peirce Reservoir for our third walk and the weather could not have been any more perfect. After a brief history lesson on the reservoir, which was officially opened in 1912, our participants jumped straight into looking for herps. Before we saw any reptiles, we encountered a Colugo and its baby! As weContinue reading “Third time’s the charm: Lizards, Colugos and Birds galore @ Lower Peirce”

Duelling Dragons and other Herps at Treetop Walk

The HSS held its second guided walk at the MacRitchie Treetop Walk, this time with Serin as our lead guide! We started off at the Venus Drive carpark entrance before making our way into the forest and embarking on an enjoyable 7km hike. And even before we entered the forest proper, we met our first herp ofContinue reading “Duelling Dragons and other Herps at Treetop Walk”