Taking the Leap at the Festival of Biodiversity

The Festival of Biodiversity is a massive annual event that brings most of the nature groups in Singapore together to spread awareness about their groups or societies and the efforts they put in to conservation. This year, it was held on the 27th and 28th of June, at Vivocity. The Festival of Biodiversity gives green groups aContinue reading “Taking the Leap at the Festival of Biodiversity”

HSS at the Festival of Biodiversity!

We are currently doing a booth at Vivocity Central Court for the Festival of Biodiversity. We will be here from 10AM-10PM on 27th and 28th June! We had a few technical issues, but we finally got the TV working! We have a slideshow running with some of Singapore’s interesting herps! We also have some awesome posters,Continue reading “HSS at the Festival of Biodiversity!”