Herps in the Sky? – Part 1

Aerial Movement is something that has evolved (independently) many times in the animal kingdom.There are two types of Aerial Movement: True flight and Gliding/Parachuting. They are useful adaptations, especially in rainforests, where they enable canopy dwellers to travel easily from tree to tree, without expending too much energy. True flight is something that is restricted to birds, bats andContinue reading “Herps in the Sky? – Part 1”

HSS at the Festival of Biodiversity!

We are currently doing a booth at Vivocity Central Court for the Festival of Biodiversity. We will be here from 10AM-10PM on 27th and 28th June! We had a few technical issues, but we finally got the TV working! We have a slideshow running with some of Singapore’s interesting herps! We also have some awesome posters,Continue reading “HSS at the Festival of Biodiversity!”

Ubin Day(s) Adventure!

An adventure on the legendary island of Pulau Ubin! During the day, Ubin plays host to a variety of very interesting animals (not necessarily limited to herptiles). Ubin Day was held on 13th and 14th June 2015. Some of the HSS members went down to the island to volunteer for the day’s activities. Having hadContinue reading “Ubin Day(s) Adventure!”

Lower Peirce Recce (feat. Youth for Ecology and NUS Toddycats)

The HSS is currently developing a Lower Peirce Guided Walk to open to the public. To plan a proper route and to identify key checkpoints, we organised a recce trip to the Lower Peirce Boardwalk on the 24th of May. Jonathan Tan (JT) from Youth for Ecology expressed interest in joining us  for this walk,Continue reading “Lower Peirce Recce (feat. Youth for Ecology and NUS Toddycats)”

A Night Herp in Mandai

Having a special permit to study the herptiles of the Mandai area, we were stoked to check the area out. We arrived at Mandai with high expectations and uncontrollable anticipation. The night air carried a vibe of a solid night awaiting us. We encountered a roadkill juvenile Malayan Racer (Coelognathus flavolineatus), which was collected toContinue reading “A Night Herp in Mandai”

Solo at Lower Peirce

I hadn’t seen a snake all week and my arms were itching. It was high time to go herping. Sadly, nobody was free to herp with me. So I decided to go solo. On the bus to Lower Peirce , it dawned on me that it was my first time going to the Central CatchmentContinue reading “Solo at Lower Peirce”

One hour of Herps: Jagah Duty at BTNR

Jagah [jah-gah] (v) : To guard, take care of. Becky, Ing Sind and I signed up to do Jagah duty at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve on the 26th of April 2015. We turned up at Hindhede Road at 2pm to get briefed. We were, of course excited about the job at hand. But we were also nervous. TryingContinue reading “One hour of Herps: Jagah Duty at BTNR”

Herp Quest to Bintan

The HSS went on its first overseas herping trip to Bintan from 10-12 April 2015. As far as reptiles and amphibians are concerned, Bintan is a fantastic place to go. From a previous trip, Ing Sind reported seeing a Kuhl’s Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli), which is very rare in Singapore. Besides herps, we were really hoping to see the Pale-thighedContinue reading “Herp Quest to Bintan”